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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Historic Point Basse site
300 Wakely Road
Nekoosa WI 54457-1556
Time: 2:00pm to 5:00pm

Adults are $5
Students are $2
Pre-schoolers are free

For further information call (715)459-1722

The Mystery Event of the summer hosts over 100 people who are curious to solve the case. This is a locally scripted event

Are capers, crimes, and conundrums up your alley? Do you have what it takes to solve a mystery? We're willing to bet you do! Put your sleuthing shoes on and step back in time to help solve the annual WhoDunIt at Historic Point Basse as each new case pits the citizens of Point Basse against one another; clues will unravel all around you as you interview the townsfolk to crack the case.

Always written by a local author, Luke J. Konkol, and performed by your Point Basse favorites and members of community theaters, this event hosts over 100 visitors and has run since 2009.

2016 Mystery: The Gun Illusion
Things are getting downright mysterious at Point Basse once again!. Dolly Hirsch, former maid of wealthy magnate Arthur Corby, was shot dead in the French trapper's cabin. Perhaps no great mystery, until the sheriff learned that despite shots having been heard from nearby, all the doors were locked, and nobody was seen entering or leaving. What's more mysterious: the murder weapon was nowhere to be found in the cabin. "Almost," says the sheriff, "as if it vanished into thin air... Right along with the murderer." It's now up to you to figure out Who Done It... And how!

Previous Wakely WhoDunIt titles include:

Be My Guest: Lizzie Krauss, the young new nurse hired by Doc Amundson turns up dead just before Governor James T. Lewis comes to town!

Broken Fingers, Broken Hearts: New Deputy Sheriff Agnes Pettigrew is too good at her job for Sheriff Buck's liking. To make matters worse, three members of her husband's woodcutting crew have been found to be dead or missing.

The Companys Curse: Since a traveling gypsy showed up in town, a whole slew of crazy things have been happening all apparently foretold by mysterious cards. Could it be that a curse has fallen on Point Basse?

The U.S.S. Manidoo: Plans for a Union Secret Weapon have gone missing. Could they have found their way into Confederate hands?

The Quilting Club: The Quilting Club gossips about the killing of Nicolas Cartier?

Some of the 2016 characters:

Sam Krzysztof the "Blacksmith".

Harriet McMullen the "Nurse".

Claude Paquette the "French Trapper".

Sheriff Raymond "Ray" Falk arrests Vicar Thurle Darby.