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The Robert Wakely Family

Mary and Robert Wakely
Mary and Robert Wakely

Robert Wakely, III
born: 1808--New York
married: 1830--New York
died: 1893--Wisconsin

Robert Wakely was farming in New York when he decided to sell his farm and move into the Wisconsin wilderness. At various times he supported his family as a farmer, millwright, lumberman, storekeeper, innkeeper and ferry operator. He was the only postmaster in Point Basse. His reputation as a partier was known far and wide.

Mary Odell
born: 1812--Canada or New York
died: 1887--Wisconsin

Mary Odell Wakely joined her husband on his move to the frontier. She helped Robert in his many ventures and kept the home fires burning during his frequent absences. Mary was the mother of nine children. She was always present when neighbors needed a helping hand. She served as a midwife in the area around Point Basse.

Chauncey Wakely
born: 1832--New York
married: circa 1857/58--Wisconsin
died: 1877--Iowa

born: 1835--New York
died: 1861--Wisconsin

Susan Hurd
married: 1865

Chauncey, the oldest child of Robert and Mary Wakely spent his early adulthood as a lumber raft pilot. He guided lumber rafts through the Grand Rapids at Grand Rapids (Wisconsin Rapids).

Robert Wakely, IV
born: 1834--New York
died: circa--1842-1844--Wisconsin

Robert, Jr. fell off a lumber raft he was riding on just north of Point Basse. His body was never recovered.

Martha Jane Wakely
born: 1837--Wisconsin
married: circa--1856-58--Wisconsin
died: 1895--Utah

Henry Snyder
born: 1833--Canada

Mary J. Wakely
born: 1839--Wisconsin
married: 1857--Wisconsin
died: 1922--Washington

Garrett "Doc" Cowan
born: 1837--Ohio
died: 1926--Washington

Otis D. Wakely
born: 1842--Wisconsin
married: 1866--Wisconsin
died: 1915--Wisconsin
Otis served with the Union Army during the whole war. He fought with Sherman on his march to the sea. He then participated in the victory march in Washington, DC.
Susan Turley
born: 1847--Canada
died: 1927--Wisconsin

William S. Wakely
born: 1845--Wisconsin
died: circa 1850-1860--Wisconsin
William died sometime between 1850 and 1860 of unknown causes.

Newbold L. Wakely
born: 1847--Wisconsin
married: circa--1880--Wisconsin
died: 1925--Montana
Newbold is believed to have built the stone-arch bridge over Wakely Creek.

Adeline Berard
born: 1860--Canada
died: 1941--Montana

Alice C. Wakely
born: 1849--Wisconsin
died: 1912--Wisconsin

1) Sylvester
2) Charles Christian
born: 1834--New York
married: 1870--Wisconsin
died: 1922--Illinois

Ella Wakely
(Changed name to Harriet Ellen)
born: 1851--Wisconsin
married: 1867--Wisconsin
died: 1919--Washington

Daniel H. Wakely
(first cousin)
born: 1840--Pennsylvania
died: 1907--Wisconsin

Harriet and her sons took over the operation of her father's ferry. She renewed the license in 1902; the license said that she could use any form of power to propel the ferry except steam power.

Her husband, Daniel, served in the Civil War with Otis Wakely.